Turkey holds close to 40% of the total natural stone reserves in the world.

In 2018, Turkey is in the first place as top exporting country and this order was followed by Italy and Greece.

Due to its geological structure, Turkey possesses a wealthy potential in terms of natural stones. According to current data there are 4 billion m3 of exploitable marble, 2,8 billion m3 of exploitable travertine, and 1 billion m3 of granite reserves. Researches in Turkey shows that there are approximately 650 different color and texture types of marble in our country. Our primary natural stone products are (all with various colors and patterns) crystalline limestone (marble), limestone, onyx, conglomerate, breccia, and rocks with magmatic origin (granite, syenite, diabase, diorite, antigorite, etc.).

The most well-known marble types in the international market by producing in Turkey are as follows: Süpren, Elazig Cherry, Aksehir Black, Manyas White, Bilecik Beige, Tiger Skin, Denizli Travertine, Aegean Claret, Milas Lilac, Gemlik Diabase and Afyon Sugar.